Effectiveness Of Online Teaching-Learning Process

In the era of Covid-19, when people were being locked in their homes, online learning became the only source of knowledge.

The one thing that many of us became reluctant to address was the effectiveness of such a learning method. 

“Online education, then, can serve two goals. For students lucky enough to have access to great teachers, blended learning can mean even better outcomes at the same or lower cost. And for millions here and abroad who lack access to good in-person education online learning can open doors that would otherwise remain closed.”

– Daphne Koller

Self Paced Learning

Think deeply, what would you favour? 

Learning at your own pace or learning at a pace set for you by someone else? 

If we contemplate this, the answer isn’t very difficult to figure out.

Everyone likes a sense of control over their progress, their daily life!

And that is why self-paced learning is tossing its cap over the infinite people of the world! 

In simple terms, self-paced learning is learning things at your own pace and time. And in today’s era, when online teaching is the only option left, self-paced learning becomes more and more prominent!

Online Teaching Process

Online learning is a type of distance education that occurs over the internet. It is synonymous with the word e-learning.

“Online learning can be a lifeline to those who have obstacles, such as geographical distances or physical disabilities.” 

And our obstacle, in this case, was the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Although many people do argue that online teaching only leads to students being lethargic, it’s set in stone that online teaching has helped infinite students all over the planet to achieve success. 

Effectiveness of online learning

The best thing about online learning is that it gives students more power over their learning path when they learn online.

If they want to pass the course or exam, they must devote time to studying, putting them in charge of their own learning process (rather than relying on the teacher), and so becoming more self-disciplined. 

This is also advantageous for the teacher/trainer because he or she is no longer completely accountable for the trainees’ success or failure, which relieves them of a significant load.

And do you know that based on exam results it’s proven that students who learn through distance learning, achieve better results than the traditional ones! 

In fact, that’s one big reason, before Covid even hit the world, many prominent universities across the world were offering distance learning courses. 

Online Learning Vs Face-To-Face Learning

One might wonder whether online learning is as effective as face-to-face learning?

For millennia, face-to-face learning has been the gold standard, so it’s reasonable to conclude that online learning can’t compare.

After all, how can teachers make sure that their students are grasping as much as they were with traditional learning when they’re taught online? 

Some prevalent beliefs also include that people can’t remember material obtained online or that online learning isn’t taken seriously.

Well, my next points will be sufficient to oppose that belief. 

Advantages of online learning

Did you know that when a survey in which 700 corporate leaders participated, over 87% preferred online learning? 

One of the most difficult obstacles for employees to participate in continual education is time, given all of their meetings and other work commitments. 

According to Deloitte, the average employee only devotes 1% of his or her time to learning! For full-time employees, that equates to 24 minutes every week. 

This barrier is lower for your employees with online learning because it takes far less time than face-to-face learning!

In fact, the best thing about online learning is that you don’t need to fully concentrate on a full two-hour lecture, as you can split that into smaller chunks to learn at your own speed! 

How can that be done when teachers are teaching live? 

Simple, record the classes! 

Teachers normally conduct classes on Zoom or Google Meet, both of which enable recording of the classes. 

Or if any other app is used, there are rarely any phones nowadays that don’t have the screen recording function!

Another advantage to mention is online learning helps students to learn content far exceeding the amount in textbooks, because then the internet is the textbook! 

And well everyone knows about the amount of content present on the internet.

So Now, Is Traditional Teaching Obsolete?

The above words might make it look like the article’s motive is to prove that face-to-face teaching methods are bad, but no! That isn’t our motive.

In fact, we’ve only advanced enough to talk about alternate methods of learning through the advancements made using traditional education!

We’re only asking our readers to not discard the benefits of new methods due to some biases! 

Innovative ideas go a long way right!

Discarding the advantages of new methods based on some prejudices is well completely dumb! 

Parents who differ that children don’t concentrate in online classes, children are not attending classes and all the cons.

Sorry but those cons aren’t about the effectiveness of online learning, they’re the cons related to what kind of learning attitude the child has! 

What are we going to do about the attitude when it’s a bad teacher teaching you ask?

Well, even that isn’t enough to discard the superiority of online learning because a bad teacher can be found anywhere. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s face-to-face learning or online learning, an inferior teacher would teach poorly, no matter the platform of education. 

Let’s stop blaming third parties for our own shortcomings.