I Never Met The Girl How Did I Become Her Rapist?

Is the wrongly accused not a victim? Does he not deserve justice?

For more than a century women have always been fighting against men for equal rights. 

Talk about having equal pay, having equal say in society, and being able to stand shoulder to shoulder with the opposite gender has been an eminent goal in every woman’s life.

Throughout history, many men have shown support towards their wives, daughters, mothers and helped prove that they are not individuals to stand in but idols who when given wings, change the onslaught of times.

But what happens if those wings are exploited for nefarious purposes?

What happens when those who support are exploited, and those who are considered delicate become the source of destruction?

The beginning point

Nations around the world have long looked down on women and considered them as second-class citizens.

After all, nature wasn’t that benevolent when it decided to make the fairer gender weaker than men.

Same with the oppression came the frequent assaults, physical and sexual that do nothing but destroy lives, and these offenses although condemned never really stopped. 

But we are not here to talk about the assaults that are yet prevalent but the cases where women take advantage of society’s condemnation towards assaulters.

The “Assaults”

Talking about a scenario, Varun was a normal school kid who goes to school every day. He’s playful, competitive, and everything a passionate youth is.

One day tragedy occurs, Varun loses his temper with a girl of his class and assaults her. The girl is distraught and terrified, and can’t stop crying and yelling about how Varun has wronged her and that he should be punished.

All of the school staff listens to the girl, her parents complain about him. Legal penalties aside, Varun is ostracized by his friends and becomes the target of everyone’s hatred.

Good right? After all, he’s a criminal who should be prosecuted.

But the plot shifts here! 

No one thought to ask the person if he was the one who did it or not!

Society destroys more lives than perpetrators

Having faced the poisonous stares of people he was once close with, Varun lost hope. 

He’s now an assaulter and has lost his right to live a normal life. Everywhere he goes people whisper, the frequent calls from authorities aside, his life has already become hell. 

That’s when he decides to take a step. One morning, Varun’s parents discover that the son they were ashamed of has left them. 

The last words

The boy with a fiery outlook on life was no longer with us. All that was left of him was a note that read, “people didn’t listen to me when I was trying to make them. Now when I’m no more can someone please believe that I am innocent?”

“I never touched the girl as my mother had taught me well. Perhaps it was my fault that I’m a guy and guys are never meant to be innocent.”

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t fight back and I’m sorry I am a coward, but life’s so difficult right now that death might be the only way for me to be at peace now.”

“I won’t say sorry for the girl because I never did it, only want to ask why she framed me, but alas! Probably I’ll never know,


Who’s fault was it?

After the guy died, public opinion changed. People who had ignored Varun when he was alive were now curious and began inquiring.

The girl was now terrified! the authorities took an unbiased approach. Their investigation thus concluded that the assault had never happened!

Isn’t that heartbreaking? 

What was so wrong with the girl that she had to put a heinous allegation on an innocent boy?

What was the reason that, despite pleading for his voice to be heard, no one listened to him until he was gone? 

Was it the girl who lied or the parents who never believed? 

Was it the teachers who were prejudiced? Or was it society as a whole who discriminated?

Is it really difficult? 

Is it so difficult to try and know about the other side of the coin? 

Finding reasons!

What gave the girl the courage to commit such a crime, because in my eyes the writer, the girl is a murderer, and not only the girl the society too! 

We always talk about women’s empowerment, but does empowerment mean to give someone the power to destroy a life?

Why does society not believe that if one side shows the women as weak and fragile, the other side shows them as heinous and capable of annihilation?

If someone, anyone had shown a little bit of rationality when Varun was accused, he could have been saved!

I won’t go over the reason why the girl did that, because no matter what it was a crime thorough and thorough. 


The society that oppresses women has now given women the power to kill without raising a weapon and we’re all responsible for it.

The above story isn’t the end. Here are some examples of how protective laws can be turned into weapons in the wrong hands [1,2,3,4

Getting further!

One was a time when a victim’s tragedy in 2012 made the whole country stand up for her. The sufferings of Nirbhaya will always be a thorn in our hearts. 

The same is the case in 2021 when a man died because of falling victim to a woman’s wickedness. 

Both are victims of falling for perpetrators’ sinful intentions, just the difference is the second one never got justice. 


What we need are laws to make balance. If there are laws to protect the victims, there should be laws to punish the fake victims too. If life gets difficult when an assault happens, life gets difficult when a false allegation happens too! 

They’re all victims and we hope that they’re never wronged again!

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