The Culture Of Luring Audiences Through Sensual Tropes- Desi Indian Web Series

Should creativity be replaced by vulgarity and nudity?

Gone are the days when Indian TV series were about family fights between mothers and daughters-in-law.

Since 2018, the desi web series has shown us that Indians could be creative, raw, and popular even without the use of cliche tropes. 

But is that something to be proud of? 

History shows the hypocrisy of Indian culture, people treat sex as something only to be spoken in hushed tones, yet our population exceeds all the countries of the world.

How ironic, right? The country where it’s said immoral to have sex before marriage does nothing when marital rapes happen! But that’s not the point of our discussion today. 

It’s about the desi web series, which are even though doing well with coming up with creative plots of entertainment, yet use the “immoral” tropes to lure audiences.

The problematic scenarios

We aren’t unaware of series like the “Four More Shots Please!” which by the way was a really “interesting” portrayal of women empowerment, but well that’s not what we’re talking about today. 

For anyone who’s watched these series like XXX uncensored, Maaya, Gandi Baat, they would agree that the elements of lust and swears were used as a means to lure the masses.

On one hand, series like “Scam 1999”, “Kota Factory”, “Aspirants” prove to the world that Indian web series are not just about curses and eroticism. Shows like “Mastram”, “Rashbari”, “Gandi Baat” continue the truism of attaching viewership employing the ‘red light scenes’.

The scenario has taken the shape of controversies, one of which was when the infamous director Ekta Kapoor was condemned by the people for producing content that kept on degrading the Indian culture.

If the women on-screen keep on getting objectified to all extents, how can women off-screen dream about being empowered?

The new recipe to higher viewership

I am making a TV series, I have a good plot and I am confident that I will be able to attract the masses with just the story and the cinematography.

But alas, of course, I can not compare to the giants like TVF, and I have to get down to the base recipe if I want to make a living out of my profession.

Let me take my story, I know my plot is interesting but let’s change the good hero to a casanova and change the actresses to sex addicts. I’m also adding some vulgarity and nudity to spice up the content, and my recipe is ready!

Hey, don’t give me those judging eyes, okay, the real strong people are always able to curse out loud and what’s a hero who can’t even satisfy women in bed?

And come on, women are meant for sex, after all, they’re walking vaginas! 

No, you’re wrong, women empowerment is not about getting equal pay or being able to stand their ground for major life choices. They’re about having sex, doing drugs, vulgar speeches, and being able to compare to men in all scenarios!

Isn’t that what Rani Lakshmi bai, Kalpana Chawla, and women like them did all their lives?

Oops! Sorry, wrong names!

Keeping rationality at bay!

Well not to worry, that was all sarcasm. 

Coming onto the point it’s not about keeping rationality at bay, because when asked the web series makers have only one point to deflate all arguments of criticism.

Sex sells and business is never meant to be clean!

We won’t refute that point as more than entertainment, the motive of those series is to generate revenue for the people working in them, but it’s important to know that even in business one could do well with non-controversial means. 

After all, Korean culture of drama series do not incorporate vulgarity and nudity into mainstream shows and yet are taking over the world.

We already have the talent to produce amazing shows then why low confidence?

The portrayal of fantasies

The thing with the Indian industry is, we are very influenced by Western culture. The western media has been showing the red light areas for a long time. 

So what makes it a difference if the Indian entertainment industry portrays them? 

Well, our education system is the answer to that! 

Sex education in India is still taboo. People are still unaware of the difference between portrayal of human nature and the portrayal of unnecessary nudity and vulgarity!

Being the country with ( one of the )the most number of porn watchers, what Indians look for in those web series is the portrayal of their sexual fantasies. 

The portrayal of fantasies is nothing new but just a fancier way of showing soft porn. 

One might argue that we’ll never move forward if we keep arguing about the morality and immorality of sex, the best way to change society is, to be honest about one’s instincts and desires.

But is that worth it when due to them the number of teenage pregnancies might increase? 

Some questions to be answered

What happens when children start discussing “Alt Balaji” instead of their careers and academics, and none of the discussion is about the story and plot of the series?

What happens when children or even adults think that men being snobbish casanovas is completely okay and women will take all their abuse because they are women?

What happens when small girls think of not standing shoulder to shoulder with men when they aim to not compete in sports but aim to curb the feelings of decent folks under their feet?

What if the little girl who could shine in the sky, dies of a drug overdose because they saw drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and all intoxication means, as symbols of empowerment? 

Well, at that moment we won’t have an answer but right now we do!

Scroll tribe challenges society to not fall prey to soft porn lures! Let’s seek quality over nudity, seek rationality over vulgarity. Once we stop viewing them, they’ll stop making them!

We already have bountiful talent in our country, it’s just taking the chance to line it correctly.