Time For Indian Parents To Realise- “Esports Isn’t Just Wasting Time On Mobile Phones

Why are we still hung up upon traditional sources of income when the “unconventional” Esports is generating more careers than our government?

Indian parents! 

Well, Indian parents will always be Epic.

Whether it comes to pressuring their children to take a career path they hate or influencing the child’s decisions to such an extent that it is difficult to differentiate what the decision was their children’s or their own!

Not that we claim that the parents have bad intentions, but intentions mean nothing when their ways are authoritative.

Coming onto our topic, it isn’t unknown that Indian parents are completely against their children playing games.

For them, games are a waste of time and not a real sport that one could make a foundation in.

The Lack Of Awareness

The biggest reason why parents oppose their children playing games is the lack of awareness.

The fact that there’s no written method to explain how gamers earn doesn’t help either.

On one side where professionals earn in bulk through live streaming and competing in online tournaments, beginners still face difficulties.

The news and success in this industry are not properly reported. So, only a small percentage of the population becomes aware of it. 

Contests and competitions are not broadcast on major networks, and there are rarely any television shows or films about eSports.

All these factors result in the parents having a poor understanding of eSports.


Indian parents don’t want to think about their children doing anything apart from the mainstream education line. Where one could stand on millions through happy hours of work, he’s forced to a grim 9-5 job because it’s “safe!”

A Short Story Of Success!

Lokesh Karakoti

We can’t claim anything about eSports without proof of success. So ScrollTribe has brought for you the story of Lokesh Karakoti

Like many enthusiastic gamers out there, Lokesh Karakoti loved playing.

When he finished his Class XII, a friend introduced him to Garena Free Fire, a mobile battle royale game.

He spent much of his day in the game shooting bullets and hurling explosives at his opponents, rather than deciding which college he wanted to go to, as his parents had requested.

He quickly dropped out of his BCA degree and preoccupied himself with concerns of life and death in the game.

Lokesh began earning around 50,000 to 90,000 per month after four years of hard effort.his 

His YouTube channel accounted for almost 40,000 of the total. Pahadi Gaming, his channel’s name, has over 9,27,000 subscribers, and the numbers are only growing. 

Sponsorships and prize money from Free Fire events cover the rest of his income. He is a part of Team Elite, a well-known Indian Free Fire eSports team.

Just like Lokesh discovered, gaming can be a career in itself! 

The Need To Realize

Lokesh’s story is a signal to all the Indian parents who are concerned about their child’s future.

As we all know, India’s a major hub of unemployment. 

We have hordes of youth that just sit lazing around in their parent’s home, even after big degrees. 

In that scenario, means like eSports could be the solution.

Although the recent years still saw a change of attitude of parents towards gaming. 

The effect only remains seen in metropolitan cities. 

In the country where the population is rising and jobs are not, there’s a need to realize, 

“Steady and reliable sources of income are not so reliable anymore!”

Countering The Major Concern- Money

Since the start, our argument has been about earning money. After all, why would parents be against their children’s happiness if they aren’t worried about their future?

So for solving the concern of the parents here’s a small list of popular jobs in eSports.

Professional player

Pro players usually affiliate with a specific squad or play solo, depending on the game, and compete in various tournaments for cash prizes.

Their income varies, but the world’s best players earn hundreds of thousands of pounds each year when their wages, endorsement deals, and prize money are added in.

They normally begin their careers in amateur or grassroots events and catch the attention of pro-teams through rising their ranks in a particular game.

Shoutcaster (aka caster)/host

Casters are eSports commentators that provide live commentary for competitions and tournaments.

They sometimes also conduct interviews with players and other professionals. The top shoutcasters charge up to $410 per day for their skills


Analysts are masters at gathering information and turning it into detailed analysis to learn from them.

They usually work in collaboration with coaches and heavily influence the fighting strategy of a team. The best analysts/coaches earn up to $5000 per month.

Tournament admin/referee

Admins and referees guarantee that an eSports competition runs well and all rules are followed

The national average salary for Esports Referee is $44,370 per year in the United States

They are responsible for 

  • resolving player conflict
  • collaborating with event and broadcast professionals to ensure that everything works smoothly
  • organizing the tournament schedule

Game streamers

Game streaming is a very versatile platform that is easy and hard at the same time. Streaming is normally done on Youtube or Twitch platforms

The essence of game streaming is that it takes time for a Youtube channel to gain subscribers.

As explained in Lokesh’s story, the revenue comes from advertisements and sponsorships. The more subscribers you have on your channel the more you earn!

The Conflict of Ideas

After learning about all these professional options about gamers, the doubt most of the readers will have is, 

“Do we have any guarantee of success in eSports?”

Well, can you assure that a cricketer, scientist, UPSC aspirant, or any other career path can guarantee success?

But our motive behind writing this article isn’t for parents to now push their children towards gaming.

All we ask is for your support!

Sports in itself isn’t a guaranteed career option. You might become MS Dhoni or just be left as a nobody!

The point is to have liberal thinking!

If parents can’t support their children in following their desired career path, at least try not to raise obstacles for them.

Risks and failures are essential in life as only one who fails can figure out the correct way to succeed!

Taming Our Minds!

When the need of hour arises, people aren’t left with anything other than to tame their minds. 

If we go 300 years back, when machines weren’t invented, India used to be a major exporter of goods.

It was after machines were made that we also started adapting.

The time now is just the same. 

Just like boxing, badminton, football, and cricket are sports, video games are also a type of sport.

Rather than limiting eSports to metropolitan areas, we should make sure that the awareness about gaming reaches even the backward places of our country.

Think about what if games like PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, League of Legends, Free Fire were made in India?

Think about a scenario where people behind popular Twitch channels like Ninja, Rubius are Indians.

Won’t it benefit the country? Won’t this benefit the parents?

In the war of the conventional and unconventional, the only solution that remains is to understand, adapt, and implement!

Gaming Tournament

We from ScrollTribe wish the gamers well!