Why Was India Not Prepared For The Second Wave Of Corona?

In 2020, when the whole world was fighting the deadly virus, India struck luck. 

The country of various cultures, even though after having a huge population was able to defend against the pandemic effectively without losing many lives, compared to the condition of other countries.

Come 2021, the new year but the situation has changed. We no longer had the advantages and even after having a late second wave, were not able to defend against it properly.

What went wrong? Why after having warning signs from so many countries yet, the virus was taken lightly? 

Why after knowing that the Indian health care system lacked in many ways, the supply of various necessaries was not made adequate?

The point of no end!

Since April, India has been seeing a flood in Covid-19 cases with the nation witnessing more than 3 lakh new infections of the virus per day.

Although healthcare workers have been doing their best to tackle the situation, the circumstances have not looked good.

There had been a severe lack of oxygen supply and other healthcare necessities. 

In fact, it can be undoubtedly concluded that many of the deaths could have been avoided if India would have taken proper measures to find the second wave of the pandemic.

September 2020 

September 2020 is a month of great importance to India. 

It was the time during which the so-called UK variant of covid-19 was detected; this discovery was a definite alert for India to be on guard and a warning for the upcoming future.

According to Dr d Jacob John, the lab consortium was arranged yet the objective of gene sequencing in 5% of all cases was not given proper attention.

India prepared for the second wave?

Even after knowing about the variant why was India not able to take appropriate measures against the virus.

It’s a known fact that to fight the pandemic a country has 2 options. One is the process of rapid testing, controlling foreign tourism, and enforcement of rules, the other is rapid vaccination. 

Even though the former was never an option for India due to the vast population India still could have done well in its vaccination programs. 

India’s history with vaccination programs has always been good, we have got the infrastructure, the required workforce, and experienced personas that could help deal with the situation.

Contrary to the expectations the vaccination program for India became a complete failure.

Why the need for exports – The Fact!

Reports have shown that two cities like Delhi and Mumbai have been the biggest hub for the virus. 

But even after such reports about 66 million doses of vaccine have been shipped from India since January, which was the adequate number to vaccinate the whole of these cities.

The point of surprise is that in April when the situation in the country was looking catastrophic about 2 million doses of vaccine were exported. 

April 22 is a day when India broke the world record for new infections and it is this same day when the most recent shipment of vaccines went from India to Paraguay.

Although being a citizen of the same country the fat becomes a matter of shame.

The favor!

Yes, this could be an argument that the shipment of vaccines might have helped India come out of the drastic economic situation the country had been facing.

It’s not a hidden fact that India’s economy had been facing a recession in the past few years, and the months of January to March did see an improvement, but the argument is still left unprecedented as the situation went downhill again after the second wave in April. 

Hence even though the intention of the government might have been good when they were exporting the vaccines the conclusion did not meet the expectations. 

Good intentions do not explain negligence!

We might excuse the export of vaccines as a way meant to deal with economic recession but the dilemma stands the same. 

The correct way to go should have been that if the government was exporting vaccines, the number of oxygen cylinders, ventilators, and other healthcare needs should have been made adequate, but this was again neglected.

The result of search negligence was nothing but the lives of innocent people that could have been saved with appropriate infrastructure were lost.

The incidents of mistakes do not end here. The government should not have allowed the rallies to happen, the religious gatherings of Kumbh Mela, Ramadan, and others shouldn’t have been given the permit. 

If you’d like to know more about these, refer here!

In fact on people’s end, not understanding the need of wearing masks and following rules set to avoid infection added to the disaster.

History has already shown that a pandemic is never the matter of just a single year, there are waves after waves of the pathogen attack before the situation calms down, and the Indian government along with the public failed to recognize that. 

The round of mistakes and the future

The government not getting the proper infrastructure ready was a mistake, people not valuing the need for masks and the need of following SOPs was a mistake, the onset of religious gatherings was a mistake, even after understanding all these mistakes will only do us badly, not understanding the need for change is a huge mistake.

It could be said that it was the collective negligence of the people and the government that led to a situation that could be described as nothing but catastrophic. 

It’s the responsibility of the government to provide adequate facilities but the duty of people to stop the chain from continuing.

Protect yourself and protect the others, let us not repeat the same blunders we once did, the Scroll Tribe wishes you well.